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  • 26 Sep
    GST on Petroleum Products

    GST: Small businesses are the real heroes Despite the massive disruption to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the country, anecdotal evidence suggests most of them broadly support the goods and services tax (GST). Yes, they do have their grievances about it. But these relate to the abnormalities in the rate changes, the complexity and

  • 25 Sep
    GST Regime

    GST registrations up, but fewer tax returns in August The tax base or those registered for GST has gone up in August but the number of filings so far is lower than the previous month as businesses grapple with technology issues and take advantage of the government's decision to waive penalty for late filing. So

  • 18 Sep
    GST on Readymade Garment

    A 5-Point Guide For Buyers To Understand The Effect Of GST On Real Estate The big question for the buyer: "The property you want to buy, has it got cheaper or more expensive after the implementation of GST?" The answer is here. After two and a half months of much confusion around Goods and Services

  • 15 Sep
    GST on Fashion Industry

    Tax officials may go for searches, surveys to widen base under GST In its attempt to bring more companies under the goods and services tax (GST) umbrella, the tax department is planning to conduct searches and surveys across the country, a senior tax official told ET. The searches could start as early as next week

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