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  • 21 Jun
    GST Rate

    Input tax credit: Important for taxpayers to know GST is unlike the previous regime Input tax credit under GST has a very well-defined structure and is more comprehensive than the erstwhile indirect taxes. Cross-utilisation of credit between the Integrated GST and the Central GST/ State GST and vice-versa is another landmark departure from the previous

  • 20 Jun
    Petrol comes under GST

    Even if petrol comes under GST, it may not exclude VAT The clamour for bringing petrol and diesel under GST has been growing in recent times, be it from the Opposition or from India's top industry bodies Assocham and Ficci. After all, even under the highest tax bracket of 28 per cent, one litre of

  • 14 Jun
    GST India Latest Updates

    Taxpayers can now change email, mobile number under GST system. Here's how to do it The government has introduced a new system to allow taxpayers to update email and mobile number in the GST System. This was introduced as many have complained that "the intermediaries who were authorized by them to apply for registration on

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