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  • 24 Feb

    The GST will be rolled out by July 2017 and will bring radical tax reforms. Segments most affected will be small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as startups—this is the sector that is considered the backbone of the Indian economy, employing 40% of India’s workforce and contributing 45% to the manufacturing output. India has

  • 06 Jan

    The government of India has provided various fiscal incentives and exemptions to promote export in the country. Industries for which exports play a crucial role are oil and gas, IT, electronics, agriculture, automobile, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The GST is expected to foster dollar revenue for these industries. Various export promotion schemes such as the Merchandise

  • 04 Jan

    In today’s competitive world, supply chain management is one of the decisive elements that determine the sustainability of a business. An organization’s supply chain strategy depends on many factors that can be internal to the company or can be governed by the market conditions or the government policies. One of the factors that impact supply

  • 03 Jan

    The biggest indirect tax reform in India, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), is expected to come into effect next year. The efforts by various stakeholders to carve out a comprehensive tax system that does away with the cascading of myriad taxes across the country had already begun seven years ago. Since then, various modalities

  • 02 Jan

    The GST will replace atleast 17 central and state taxes to make way for a single, unified taxation system and will impact almost all industries. The GST will introduce areas that will benefit the customers, whereas there will also be areas where the consumers may have to shell out more. The banking and financial sector

  • 28 Dec

    The GST is a landmark indirect tax reform which is expected to bring a harmonized tax structure in the economy. Amidst wide deliberations by state governments and the Central government, the proposed GST regime is expected to become a reality soon. The GST, proposed as a consumption-based tax, will subsume myriad indirect taxes and replace