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  • 17 Aug

    GST: AN UNFINISHED PROJECT Replying to a debate in Parliament on July 20, 2018, during the no-confidence motion against his Government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a comprehensive account of the various schemes, reform measures and achievements during the last four years of his stint. A prominent reform measure listed by Modi was the Goods

  • 16 Aug

    GST unit cracks down on 3 private banks, 1 payment bank for Rs 100-cr tax evasion Three Mumbai-based private banks and a payments bank are being probed for allegedly evading Rs 100 crore of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and flouting RBI guidelines on money transfer. The entities are suspected of evading GST by under-reporting

  • 11 Aug

    Lok Sabha approves changes: GST cess surplus can now be shared In a move that would partly address the goods and services tax (GST) revenue deficit for the Centre and come in aid of states worried over stagnant growth in their own tax (non-GST) revenue, the Lok Sabha on Thursday approved changes to the relevant

  • 08 Aug

    IMF Advises India To Consider Simpler GST Rate Structure The International Monetary Fund or IMF today described the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as a "milestone reform" in India's tax policy, but pushed for a simplified structure, saying the multiple rate structure and other features could give rise to high compliance and administrative costs. In

  • 07 Aug

    India's most revolutionary tax regimes broke at the stroke of 30th June 2017 midnight. The advent of GST (Goods and Services Tax) has changed the entire business game. The Ad industry initially was roaming only on negligible tax rates. With increased digital Ad expenditures and rising competitions from potential newcomers, advertising has been seeing an

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