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Top 5 GST software in India: Be prudent before you make a deal

Jul 27, 2017

GST is put into effect and everybody is getting ready to embrace this new tax regime. With many benefits that GST brings, it also is creating concerns for business as they define processes to comply with GST. Businesses are in search for the ‘right’ software that can help them in ironing some challenge a bit. With the available plethora of GST ready software in the market, choosing the right one can be really troublesome.

If you are still on the search of the comprehensive cost-effective GST software that suits your needs, refer to the details of the top 5 GST software available in India.  Know their features and benefits and decide on what is best for your organization.


SAP is a Germany based multinational business software Company. It also offers an ERP software with integrated GST modules.


Estimating the production
Sales Sector
Customers Records
Inventory Planning
Finance Management
HR Services
Shop floor extension

Highlights of SAP GST software:

A common platform for document management as per state and central government guidelines.
User-friendly interface for tax payers and administrators.
A common GST solution for all corporates with easy transition process.


Deskera is the leader in cloud-based GST ready ERP. The software simplifies the newly implemented GST taxation by means of a simple, scalable accounts and financial management system.


Purchase Management
Sales and Billing Management
Customer Management
Vendor Management
Product Management
Accounting Software
Item Master Management
Stock Management
Checklist Management
Inventory Reports
Financial Reports
Statutory Compliance

Highlight of Deskera GST ready software

Manages multi-entity from a common database.
Defines GST rate as per products and services.
Automates application of CGST, SGST and IGST based location of supply.
Auto calculates tax and update invoice in real-time.
Enables filing of GSTR1, 2 and 3 in one-click.
Built-in reports to keep you updated about all reports related to GST.


Tally is an Indian based company that offers accounting software to the business houses. Tally ERP 9 takes care of inventory and payroll with easy GST management.


HR and payroll
Multiple company
Financial management
Inventory management
Product database
Supplier and purchase order management
Taxation management


LAN is required to operate multiple users.
Needs + Static IP to operate multiple locations
No real-time data.
Less data security.
No free version upgrades.
Common business features.


Zoho offers a complete kit called Finance Plus and it comprises Zoho Book, Zoho Expense, Zoho Subscription and Zoho inventory. These software can create invoices including GST rates.


Mobile app
Cloud based


Run on Internet
Only 7 users per account.
Absence of branch consolidation.
Key features are not available.
No Inventory management.
Not specific to business.


ClearTax is an India-based technology company which is specialized in the tax domain. It offers GST software for the accounting fraternity of India.


Online GST Course
GST Filing
Data and imports/ exports
Assistance to find clients
GST Preparation


It is not an accounting software.
It does not have specific business features.
Only tax preparation tool.
Only accountants can use.

Way Ahead…

The companies discussed above are leading players who are experts. But GST is altogether a different complicated genre and field-related experience really matters for creating better user experience.

Deskera as a leader in cloud-based GST ready software provider has catered to many countries that follow GST. When GST was introduced in Malaysia in 2015, Deskera was one of the 1st GST ready software provider. As a preferred GST software provider, Deskera has been catering to multiple Southeast Asian customers with its comprehensive GST software. As Deskera already had the base of a GST software available, it only had to tweak it a little to set rules as per Indian rates and categories. Moreover, Deskera GST is ERP integrated and you don’t need to pay extra for availing this product if you are already a Deskera customer.

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